Who is Frank Ancona of the Traditionalist American Knights ?

Do a google search on Frank Ancona KKK fliers to recruit Iowans draw ire look at the link that goes to the USA Today article and just have a look at the photo at the link and ask yourself this question. Is this a man whose leadership as a Klansman that you want to follow ?  Be sure to click the photo at the link to enlarge it so you get a good look at Frank and his SPLC Coon Brother.


By the way, we had to remove the photo of Frank and his SPLC Brother because Frank cried to our Web host provider and threatend us with zog for copyright infringment. Just to make the Imperial Wierdo happy we removed the photo but are providing you with means to the link. But while you're at it have a look at the other links I am providing that will show you just how much trouble that Frank has gone to in an attempt to keep you from seeing this photo. He has reported us twice to our internet webhost provider in his attempts to keep this photo from being seen by his followers.



The White guy is Frank Ancona the so called Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The other guy ?  Just some Negro as far as we're concerned. To Frank ? Obviously someone he cares very deeply for.

According to Frank Ancona’s Linkedin page he is “the Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights and he sets the agenda, goals and direction of the organization.” Really people ?  Is this the direction that you as a Klansman want to go ? Arm in arm with something you wouldn't want in your neighborhood let alone in your warm embrace.

Why are we from Aryan Nations World Headquarters telling you about this ?  For one it has been brought to the attention of our Imperial Council that Frank Ancona has forbid the members of the Traditional American Knights from associating with the Aryan Nations. Not that we were begging for Frank's attention anyway. The guy is really pretty much insignificant. But really Frank ?  You won’t allow the membership of the T.A.K.  to associate with other White men but you yourself will have your picture taken obviously very closely associated with this Negro ? And with a Klan flag and a confederate battle flag flying in the background. Is this your idea of Klannish Frank ? And secondly, someone just needs to expose this nit-wit for the genius that he is not.

We understand that Frank doesn't want association with Aryan Nations because our ideals are National Socialist in essence. But look at this from Frank's T.A.K. website. It is one of the things that Frank claims that his group stands for. " Positive Christianity" the right of the American people to practice the Christian Faith, including prayer in school.

" Let’s see now where have we heard that phrase used before ? Oh yes it was in Herr Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. Positive Christianity  was a movement within Nazi Germany which blended ideas of racial purity and Nazi ideology with elements of Christianity. Adolf Hitler included use of the term in Article 24 of the Nazi Party Platform. This is a quote straight from article 24 of the Nazi Party Platform. Which states "The Party as such advocates the standpoint of a positive Christianity without binding itself confessionally to any one denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our nation can only succeed from within on the framework: The good of the state before the good of the individual"

Now we don't know about you but as a White man concerned about the direction our nation has taken and my support of racial purity this sounds like something that any White man capable of independent thought should be concerned about and what Frank claims that he is also concerned about. But why is it that Frank would rather see his men in a hucklebuck with a Negro, like he is in the photo you will find if you follow the directions above than associate with other White men who believe as he claims that he believes ? Well we contend that Frank has no idea what he believes and is greatly confused.

So Frank claims that his group is a traditional Klan group. Well allow us to point out just how dangerous, antiquated and outdated that idea is, because in today’s political climate to be associated with traditional Klan values is to in fact call yourself a multiculturalist and a Communist. Perhaps that is why Frank feels so comfortable in the arms of a Negro.

Nevertheless; to reveal the irony of all of this, all we must do is go to the Seven Sacred Symbols of a Traditionalist Klan to see why. Let us first take a look at the symbol of the American Flag. The Traditionalist Kloran states this about the American Flag;

This old flag, purchased by the blood and suffering of American heroes, represents the price paid, for American liberties. It is the symbol of the Constitution of the United States of America, free speech, free press, free schools, freedom of worship, and all Constitutional laws, both state and national.

Its red is the blood of American heroes that stained a hundred battlefields. Its white symbolizes the purity of American womanhood and the sanctity of American homes. Its blue is but a patch of America's unclouded sky, snatched from the diamond-studded canopy that bends over our native land. Its stars re-present an aggregation of undefeated states bound together in an inseparable union.

"Its red is the red of the sunset's evening glow,

Its white is the white of the winter's driven snow,

Its blue is the blue of the ocean, sea and sky,

Its stars the states of a union that must not die."

It has never been trailed in the dust, trampled in the mud, or defeated in battle. It has never led a retreat or been hauled down at the command of an enemy. It is the greatest and most glorious flag that ever floated in a breeze or waved over land or sea. It was purchased by the sacrifice and blood of our fathers, and we have most sacredly vowed that we will uphold and defend it with our sacred honor, our property, our blood and our lives. May we ever be true to our vow. Under its fluttering folds, as it floats in the gentle breeze in every Klavern, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will forever defend the principles of a pure Americanism, and thus perpetuate the sacred memory of our venerable and heroic dead.

Who can stand under these Stars and Stripes, remembering the sacred traditions that entwine about its holy past, without feeling that sublime patriotism that inspired our noble sires to die for our own, our native land?

How many of you were ready to puke after reading that swill from the Traditionalist's Kloran of the Ku Klux Klan ? That is so old and outdated that it is no longer true in today’s world or even valid for today's political status of our people. In other words in today’s world it's a pack of lies. That flag was defeated many times since World War II and World Wars I and II weren't wars that America fought or won on its own accord, it was an alliance of nations that won those wars. However; the fact is that the only victors of WWII were the Jews. The rest of the world lost. America and its allies fought on the wrong side. Vietnam was a definite defeat and America left in shame as the North Vietcong moved into Saigon and replaced the American flag with their own communist flag.  So it most certainly has been hauled down at the command of an enemy. Maybe not when that entry was wrote into the Klorans a hundred years ago, but that is just an example of the outdated notion of the traditional Klankraft that Frank Ancona espouses.

Then there is the notion of the Constitution. First of all the Constitution has been amended so many times it's not even valid as a document anymore. It represents the founding peoples of this nation as much as the current state of the American flag does. Which is, not at all. Perhaps Frank's multicultural law enforcement and military that he holds so dear will be able to restore it. If by chance they were willing to do so.

Now let us move onto the Sword. The Traditionalist Kloran reads thusly: This unsheathed sword of steel is a symbol of law enforcement. It represents the military, or enforcement powers of our government, from the president down to the constable. Its presence on our, sacred altar signifies that we, as an organization, are solidly behind every enforcement officer in the land, to "help, aid and assist in the proper performance of their legal duties." We stand unconditionally and unqualifiedly for the just and impartial enforcement of law, and for the defense and protection of all rights and privileges of all citizens alike, regardless of race, color, creed, lineage or tongue.

This sword also signifies that we are set for the defense of our Flag and all that it symbolizes, against the attack and invasion of every foreign power, government, sect, ruler or people in the whole world. We believe in America for Americans, and are sworn to defend it by all justifiable means and methods, from any encroachment whatever, from any source whatever, whether it be traitors within or enemies without. This sword is a constant reminder of our obligation to defend our country and enforce its laws, through duly constituted authorities and justifiable means and methods. May we wield it wisely and well in defense of our country, our home, our flag, our liberties and humanity.

Is anyone else ready to lose their lunch ? Really ? Law enforcement ? Those same people that force hate crimes laws on Whites but ignore them for blacks and spics ? From that Negro president that currently holds office in the White House on down to every black or Mexican constable ? Really Frank ?

And last but not least the Hood. The traditionalist Kloran states this about the Hood.

That hated Hood, the terror of every crook in the land, how they, cry, "take off the Hood." But they don't know what they say. They do not understand why we wear it or what it means. "If they only knew."

In the first place it helps to conceal our membership. The secret of our power lies in the secrecy of our membership. We are a great secret service organization to aid the officers of the law and we can do our best work when we are not known to the public. By this means we see and hear everything. We know the criminal but he does not know us. By our secret membership we gather a world of evidence and help to gather thousands of crooks into the meshes of the law that would otherwise escape.

It is also a symbol of unselfishness. With the hood we hide our individuality and sink ourselves into the, great sea of Klankraft. Not as individuals, but as Klansmen, "we sacrifice to serve." Our motto is, "Non Silba Sed Anthar—not for self but for others." Therefore we hide self behind the hood that we may be unselfish in our service.

Who can look upon a multitude of white robed Klansmen without thinking of the equality and selfishness of that throng of white robed saints in the Glory Land? May the God of Heaven, Who looks not upon the outward appearance, but upon the heart, find every Klansman worthy of the robe and hood that he wears. Then when we "do the things we teach" and "live the lives we preach," the title of Klansman will be the most honorable title among men.

There they go with that aiding Law Enforcement again. Are the Traditionalists Klans a bunch of rats and snitches ? Probably not. At least not all of them anyway.  Many are misled by people like Frank Ancona and that other soft serve so called Klan leader in Harrison Arkansas. In fact here is a link that shows pictures of several sellout zog agent klansmen with this same Negro namely one being that soft serve Klan man from Harrison Arkansas. Look closely, you might belong to a group one of these fellows is either in or claims to be the leader of. And if you'll look closely you'll see who this Negro's handler is. Yep you guessed it Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Enemy of the Klan and all White people everywhere.   http://www.daryldavis.com/author_pics/index.htm

If this doesn't speak volumes to you about the quality and decision making abilities of some of these so called Klan leaders. Well; just remember this, you are judged by the company that you keep.

So ask yourself this, why would a guy like Frank Ancona, who evidently thinks it’s ok to hug up on Negros, but it's not alright for himself and the members of the Traditionalist Klan he claims to run associate with other Whites, Skinheads, Nazi's or Aryan Nations who would fight and die for their kinsman, but know and understand that National Socialism is a pro White political platform that opposes many of the things that Frank claims to oppose himself, reject the company of White men but embrace a hug from a Negro ?

Here is a real surprise for you Frank. Aryan Nations doesn't care one bit whether you yourself want to associate with us, because we don't think you can cut the mustard anyway. You're weak, soft and just plain ignorant Frank.

But to any of your members or any other Klansmen who are tired of the softer easier Klan that you and others claim to be the leaders of, let them come join the Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a 21st century Klan and the only Klan in the world who has rewrote the Constitution and By Laws of "The Society" as well as the Klorans. All to be organizational specific to Aryan Nations and in tune with today's political climate. This is what it will take to win, modern up to date thinking and tactics, from men with vision not cowards holding onto antiquated notions incapable of understanding that those notions from yesterday's Klan are in fact dangerous rather than legitimate and have no place of significance in today’s struggle for the survival of our Holy Race.


Pastor Morris L. Gulett

Aryan Nations World Leader